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10 Things I stole from programmers far better than me

Read them, learn them, apply them in coding.

I didn’t learn coding all by myself. But, of course, I listened, watched, and worked with other programmers from time to time and mostly with programmers that were way better than me.

Of course, it would be a waste of time if I didn’t learn a thing or two from them, so I’ll be happy to share it with everyone reading this article.

  1. Don’t give up on a problem.
  2. Write “your” code as if it were going to be displayed in a presentation, and your “quality as a programmer” is being evaluated by all those who are looking at and judging everything you have written.
  3. Write your comments as if you had Alzheimer’s and needed explanations daily!
  4. Your code doesn’t necessarily need to use all the more optimized and advanced techniques you read in that last book!
  5. Your code needs to be easy to maintain!
  6. New languages ​​are not necessarily new technologies.
  7. Knowing how to solve a problem in a particular language is one thing.
  8. If you’re spending a lot of time thinking about a specific solution that isn’t domain-specific, don’t be shy about looking it up on Google (or Stack Overflow).
  9. Shortcuts are underrated.
  10. Readability matters and what is readable.
And perhaps the most important thing I learned is to understand what I’m doing what that code I’m writing does in every detail. I learned about languages ​​and compilers, runtimes, how the executable, the computer works, and how the code will turn into actions.