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10 Python operations for 70% of your Data Analysis

Day to day work of a Data Scientist involves a variety of tasks such as data pre-processing, data analysis, machine learning model creation, model deployment.

If you are starting on your journey of becoming a Data Scientist, then the first step is to acquire the skill of data manipulation because it is required in almost every Data Science project. Data Manipulation starts with reading your data and converting it into a form where you can answer your questions from data. Python programming language has Pandas library written for data manipulation and data analysis work.

In this blog, I will give you an overview to top 10 python (pandas) operations that every aspiring Data Scientist should know:

  1. Reading dataset
  2. Summary Statistics
  3. Data selection and filtering
  4. Aggregation
  5. Join
  6. Built-in functions
  7. User defined functions
  8. Pivot
  9. Iterating over dataframe
  10. String operations

Knowing how to perform these 10 operations will cater to almost 70% of your data manipulation needs.

Full Article: Anmol Tomar @ Medium